Welcome to The Tropical Mystique, located near city of Sipalay on the island of Negros in the Philippines
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Filipino boy Joebert snorkeling / TheTropicalMystique.com
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Welcome to the Tropical Mystique
Home away from home...

Latest update: April 17, 2016

The Tropical Mystique is a private residential ocean-front property, located on the beautiful west coast of the Philippines, facing the Sulu Sea, just south of the city of Sipalay. With an average temperature of 28c and sunshine just about everyday it is a great place to relax.

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Nipa huts for rent (Long & short term)

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Available space and bookings:
At present we are fully booked through to the end of April. Thanks for your interest!

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  Our dear friend & artist Bruce Lang
Photos of our home & garden
  Snorkelling, Umbrella Cockatoo attack...
Filipino boys fighting...
  and much more...

Young boys & girls in danger!

Imagine an innocent young boy or girl with no home, no food, abandoned & forgotten... Please help us with these young Filipino boys and girls today! We have setup a website to help these young Filipino boys and girls
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Fast boat and Bangka boats for charter

While staying in or around the city of Sipalay, you can charter our fast boat or Bangka boats for reef snorkelling, fishing or other activities.
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Download free puzzles!

We have several free PC (Windows) puzzles available for download from "Mad Dog Puzzles" on our own website. Trustworthy software with a digital signed certificate and guaranteed virus & malware free!
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Nipa or kubo hut in the Philippines
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Philippines Bangka boat on www.TheTropicalMystique.com

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Welcome to the Tropical Mystique!